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Social Media Management

Over half the world is on social media, with the average Canadian spending over 60 hours per month on various social media platforms!


Wouldn’t it be nice if even a small slice of that attention was focused towards your business?


It’s not enough to simply show up on social media and start posting. Chances are, not many people will give you a second glance unless you have a clear strategy and deep understanding of the platforms, best practices & constantly changing algorithms. The whole thing can be very frustrating and so many business owners sink way too much time doing things that are ineffective or not spending enough time, posting inconsistently or without execution of a focused purpose or goal. Social Media Management (SMM) is also more of a "long term game", as it can take time (not overnight) to build an authentic following that will convert into customers or clients.


At Milestone Marketing, we understand the strategy and execution it takes to scale your social media, taking it to an exclusive level - we are here to help advise and manage:

  • Selection of the best social media platforms (including utilizing the best usernames & hashtags for your business & industry), where you’ll find the most potential customers and get the best traction.

  • Engaging your target audience with content that encourages & promotes;  likes, shares, comments, saves & overall engagement by your followers and customers.

  • Overall best practices and using trending content for maximum exposure.

  • Tracking key success metrics, with easy to understand monthly reports in addition to monthly/quarterly reviews.

  • Consulting and advising on future content and strategy with you on an ongoing basis.



What is Social Media Mangement? SMM involves creating, publishing and analyzing content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Twitter & TikTok. It’s an essential aspect of digital marketing that helps businesses reach their target audience, build brand awareness and engage with customers.

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